Gina Tielman is the real name of GINA T.

Gina T. was born in The Netherlands as daughter of Ponthon Tielman and Joyce Brandes.

Her father was member and bassist of the original legendary band The Tielman Brothers.

Her mother Joyce was a well-known singer in Indonesia and in The Netherlands.

Gina T. has one daughter named Vanity, who lives in Germany

Gina Tielman is married to her producer Adam Schairer, who is the producer and songwriter of many well-known german artists. 

Adam Schairer was part of the famous german couple Adam & Eve, they had some major hits between 1970 and 1985.

Gina T. has 3 Brothers and 2 Sisters., who are still alive. Her youngest brother died in 2008. Her brother Nino Tielman

is part of her songwriter/producer team.