Gina T., real name Gina Tielman, is an Eurodisco, Dance and Pop artist who started her career in the end of 80´s 

beginning of the 90’s when she met her producer Adam Schairer.

Gina T.'s first worldwide hit was the Pop ballad,

*In My Fantasy released in 1989 .

After the major success of this single, many other hit songs followed. 

Some of those songs include 

*Tokyo By Night 

*Tonight’s So Cold (In My Room)

*Sail Over Seven Seas 


*You Really Got Me 

*Birds Of Paradise


*Baby Blue

 and many others…

Gina T. has released five studio albums so far. Those albums are :

* I Love To Love

*You Really Got Me 

*The Window Of My Heart 

*Love will survive

and the latest release 

* Fly to Paradise 

Six compilations of her material were released later:

*The Double Gold Hit Collection

*In My Fantasy - The very best of Gina T.

*My Greatest Hits
*Baby Blue

*Sail Over Seven Seas

*The 25th Anniversary - Double Album

Her recent album 

*Fly To Paradis* includes the summer hit of 2019
*Je t´aime - voulez-vous voucher avec moi 

Record Companies :


*Warner Music Group WEA



Besides singing and touring around the world Gina T. is a songwriter for many well-known artists. For her work as singer and songwriter she received gold and platinum awards.

Gina T. was born in The Netherlands as daughter of Ponthon Tielman and Joyce Brandes.

Her father was member and bassist of the original legendary band The Tielman Brothers.

Her mother Joyce was a well-known singer in Indonesia and in The Netherlands.