Gina T., real name Gina Tielman, is an Eurodisco, Dance and Pop artist who started her career in the end of 80´s 

beginning of the 90’s when she met her producer Adam Schairer.

Gina T.'s first worldwide hit was the Pop ballad,

*In My Fantasy released in 1989 .

After the major success of this single, many other hit songs followed. 

Some of those songs include 

*Tokyo By Night 

*Tonight’s So Cold (In My Room)

*Sail Over Seven Seas 


*You Really Got Me 

*Birds Of Paradise


*Baby Blue

 and many others…

Gina T. has released five studio albums so far. Those albums are :

* I Love To Love

*You Really Got Me 

*The Window Of My Heart 

*Love will survive

and the latest release 

* Fly to Paradise 

Six compilations of her material were released later:

*The Double Gold Hit Collection

*In My Fantasy - The very best of Gina T.

*My Greatest Hits
*Baby Blue

*Sail Over Seven Seas

*The 25th Anniversary - Double Album

Her recent album 

*Fly To Paradis* includes the summer hit of 2019
*Je t´aime - voulez-vous voucher avec moi 

Record Companies :


*Warner Music Group WEA



Besides singing and touring around the world Gina T. is a songwriter for many well-known artists. For her work as singer and songwriter she received gold and platinum awards.